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Weekending in Wayanad

We went to Wayanad, one of Kerala's most beautiful districts, over the Onam weekend.

We decided against rushing from one location to another because we had two full days. Pookote Lake, three kilometers from Vythiri, was our first stop. It's a traditional picnic spot, complete with boating, children's horseback riding, an aquarium, a handicrafts and spices counter, and even a small nursery.

We continued on to our next destination, Lakkidi, which is two kilometers from Pookote Lake. The view from the lookout point was absolutely breathtaking!

You'll be tempted to meditate right there because the air is so clean and pure. We then visited to Soochipara Falls, which is located 22 kilometers from Kalapetta.

The next day, we travelled to Edakkal Caves. It was another 27-kilometer drive from Kalapetta.I had a great way to end an extended weekend of exclusive Kerala treats: beautiful nature and weather, as well as satiating feasts for all the senses.

I returned home with fond memories of my Wayanad weekend.

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